About Garrett Jackson

Garrett Jackson is a shamanic teacher and shamanic practitioner. He is passionate about helping people to raise their consciousness and form their own connections with the spiritual realms in order to bring guidance and healing to themselves and others. 

Garrett has been giving psychic readings to people across the globe since 2014, and has taught workshops on psychic work and spiritual healing since 2016. He has a wealth of experience working with people one-on-one, leading group meditation and message circles, and conducting trainings and seminars.

Since his acceptance into Sandra Ingerman's Two-Year Teacher Training in Shamanic Journeying, Healing, and Medicine for the Earth in 2018, Garrett teaches workshops that cover the topics of shamanism, shamanic journeying and healing, Ingerman's work on transforming personal and environmental pollution, and much more.

In September 2019, Garrett served as Faculty Assistant for best-selling author Radleigh Valentine at Kripalu, North America's largest retreat center.

Garrett also has experience offering frequent

message circles in the Upstate New York area, where he served as a channel for the loving and supportive messages of the spiritual realms in a group setting.

Currently, Garrett teaches online workshops and webinars, and also offers remote readings and shamanic healing sessions.

Garrett has been a guest on podcasts and radio shows such as Best Life Café, International Angels NetworkAngel Navigation with Dianne Morgan, and Soul Getter's.

Garrett is listed on shamanicteachers.com, a global alliance of shamanic and Medicine for the Earth teachers who are dedicated to teaching shamanic skills around the world. His upcoming workshops are listed on the Upcoming Events tab above, as well as on shamanicteachers.com.

He can be contacted with questions about his services and trainings, or be sent requests for him to teach a workshop at your venue, by emailing him at garrettpjackson@gmail.com.