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A Few Testimonials...

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"Garrett Jackson is an Earth Angel. I have been thinking of the best way to describe him for weeks, and I have determined that he is truly beyond words. Garrett is a highly gifted intuitive with his own unique signature. He has a beautiful heart. He is aware of his purpose and dedicated to spreading light in everything that he does. He has worked to develop his natural abilities, and his dedication shows in his readings and interaction with clients. He explains topics with sincerity and compassion. Garrett is a phenomenal teacher and I am blessed to call him friend."

     ~ Chayla Baer, spiritual energy facilitator and emotional wellness advocate

"I loved this class! Garrett is an amazing teacher...kind, funny, and really excited about sharing these beautiful messages. It's so fun to work with him because you can see how much he loves teaching and sharing this information. Garrett is also incredibly knowledgeable...I don't know how he knows all of this stuff so well! This class was really well-organized and flexible. I loved that I could ask questions anytime and make sure I could use [the information] in my specific situations. This class had a positive impact on my life...I am so grateful that I took the class!"


      ~ Dr. Nicole Caldwell, autism educator

"I reached out to Garrett after a particularly challenging day that left me feeling depleted, frustrated, and scattered. With his calm voice, intuitive choice of words, and deep spiritual connection, Garrett performed a beautiful energy clearing that lifted me up, calmed me down, and brought me back to center. I felt so much better and so grateful after our session. As a teacher, Garrett has a way of presenting information clearly and concisely which allows his students to absorb and integrate a large amount of information with ease. And due to his extensive training and experience with shamanism and the spirit realm, he has a wealth of knowledge to share. I highly recommend Garrett Jackson as both a powerful healer and a skilled teacher."

       ~ John Harold Moore, life coach, Family Constellations Facilitator, and A Course in Miracles Teacher

"Garrett's sessions are like no other. His professionnalism, generosity and compassion are so needed here and now. His work ethics are on point and he has a way of explaining and bringing back messages that really speak profoundly to one's soul. Thank you for such a powerfull and insightfull journey."

       ~ Bianka R.

"Garretts connection to our purest realm is flawlessly aligned! He has consistently provided accurate and unbiased guidance, even in my cloudiest of times. His teaching skills go hand in hand with his heart and you can clearly recognise that this IS his purpose! Garrett has provided unconditional love and support through all of our interactions, and it truly feels like you are coming back to an old friend when speaking to him. I am very grateful that we have connected in this realm and I recommend to anyone reading this: THIS IS YOUR SIGN! Go with Garrett! :D"

       ~ Chelsea L.



"Garrett is a WONDERFUL, brilliant spiritual teacher and a very helpful Shamanic practitioner. I have been blessed to have attended one of his courses in person and several course sessions via Zoom. I have learned unique/special things from his teachings. He possesses great knowledge, and I highly recommend Garrett to help with any and all spiritual topics. I also did a healing session with him via zoom which has been so helpful for me. He is highly ethical, and caring - bringing in just what is needed."


       ~ Barbara-Jean H. 

"I just had an hour intuitive reading/session with Garrett and I must... say, WOW! I'm so so glad I decided to have this session, it was so uplifting and comforting. All the things he said really speaks a lot, and I just immediately know what the angels are trying to tell me all this time. Thanks again Garrett! You're helping many people out here."

       ~ Cindy A.

"Garrett's readings are amazingly accurate. They're very helpful, healing, insightful and full of compassion."

       ~ Carolina Q.

"Garrett's reading made me realize something about myself... Something I already knew but deeply ignored. His reading made me feel greater about myself and was definitely accurate as well!!"

       ~ Carol P.

TRIGGER WARNING: Abuse "Garrett was kind enough to do a reading for me. He explained that there was a older male figure [around me]. The male figure says 'I am sorry for what I did to you.' The figure was my biological male parent who wanted me to know he is sorry for the abuse. It was surreal. Garrett knows what we each need and sends us blessing wishes daily. I look forward to the next day knowing I will learn and feel something which will move me in the right direction. Blessings to you all and to Garrett."

       ~ Sharon J.

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