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Shamanism and
Social Issues:

Taking Guided Stances and Healing Actions on Critical Collective Challenges

May 20-21, 2023
From the Comfort of Home (Zoom)

Reproductive healthcare, climate change, equal rights for racial and sexual minorities - there are many critical social issues facing our modern world.


We humans have our own ways of approaching these issues. But we are not the only beings that have viewpoints on them, or wise tools that can be used to make a difference.

Using shamanic practices, we can discover how fully compassionate spirits see our social issues, receive action to take to help correct societal ills, and ignite great healing for ourselves, others, and a collective in the midst of political turmoil.

In this special online workshop, you will learn shamanic practices for addressing social issues.

You will:

- Explore your views on a specific social issue you care about - what you believe, why you believe it, and where its gaps and ego traps may be,

- Discover your helping spirit's view on that social issue,

- Understand how to distinguish spirit messages on such issues from ego interference,

- Journey to learn how you can take action to further that cause that you care about, and see why it actually can be spiritual to take inspired stances and actions,

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- Learn how to transmute heavy thoughts and emotions, and the energies of them, that collective issues can evoke in you - and why it's vital to do so,

- Discover how an inner state(s) of consciousness of yours may be manifesting in our social issues, and receive a healing for it from a helping spirit,

- Experience how shape-shifting into your Source light protects you as you take a stand, unifies you with others, shows you the world through Spirit's eyes, and offers profound healing to you and all involved in a social challenge,

- And so much more.

This class features in-depth lecture, shamanic exercises, question-and-answer, moderated group sharing, stretch breaks, circle song, and optional deepening exercises that you can do after the workshop.


This workshop is for those of any political affiliation, from any part of the world, willing to expand their knowledge. Rather than tell you what to think about various issues, this workshop gives you divination and healing tools to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and how to work with them for yourself

Our wild and divided times do not call for silence and inaction - they call for truly Divinely-inspired stances and actions towards a healthier, more peaceful, and more unified world. Join us in going deep into your shamanic work, and yourself, to do just that.


Can't Attend Live? Both sessions of this live class will be recorded (except for question-and-answer and group sharing, to ensure that only I am in the recording) and sent to all registrants after each session.

Prerequisite: Only experience with shamanic journeying is required. You can gain this experience by taking my next online journeying class, taking another in-person or online beginning workshop, or reading this small book.  

What to Have: A notebook and writing utensil for note-taking and something to cover your eyes with (such as a bandana or blindfold). Headphones can also be helpful for deepening your experience in the exercises. Make sure that you attend both sessions in a comfortable space in which you will not be disturbed.

Dates: May 20 and 21, 2023, each from 10am-1:30pm EDT. 

Location: From the comfort of home! (Zoom)

Price: $̶1̶5̶0̶  $130 until April 20th!

To Register: Register using the Register Here button below. You can also submit your payment via Venmo to @GarrettPJackson. Shortly after registering, I will email you the class's welcome letter containing the Zoom access information. Registration deadline is May 18th, 2023 at 12:01am EDT.

With the lack of any registrations for my paid 2023 online classes to date in mind, this workshop has been canceled. 

I am still teaching short online classes! You can see my next classes here.





This event is service-based; therefore, no refunds are obliged, except as noted below. Garrett Jackson (or "Garrett") reserves the right to cancel this event at any time for any reason, without needing to specify said reason. If the event is canceled, registrants can choose to have their fees refunded in full or transferred to a future event or service with Garrett. Garrett reserves the right to cancel anyone's participation in this event at any time for any reason, without needing to specify said reason. If an individual's participation is canceled by Garrett, a full refund will be issuedThis training is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical and psychological care.

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