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Illness Through the Shaman's Eyes:

An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Shamanic Healing

September 9, 2023
From the Comfort of Home (Zoom)

Shamanism, a virtually-universal tradition, is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind.


And yet, shamanic methods - including its methods of healing - continue to have vital relevance, efficacy, and power in addressing our modern ills.

In this two-hour live online class, you will begin to see illness and healing through the shaman's eyes.

Together, we will explore:


- What shamanism is,

- The fundamental principles of classic shamanic healing,

- The difference between healing and curing,

- The four major causes of illness that shamans perceive

(power loss, soul loss, intrusion, and possession illness), and the methods used to cure them,

- How to begin or continue your own training in shamanic healing,

- How the shaman can use unitive divine light to heal,

- And so much more.

Illness Through the Shaman's Eyes (Instagram Story Size) (1280 × 1920 px).png

In addition to the above, there will be question-and-answer and a simple yet profound guided exercise that you can weave into your everyday life in order to ignite healing for yourself, others, and all of life.


Rather than training you in shamanic healing methods, this class will provide you with a broad overview of how shamans cross-culturally view and treat illness. Therefore, this class is suitable for those who know nothing about shamanism, seasoned shamanic practitioners, and everyone in between, from any ethnic background.


Join together from the comfort of home as we begin to expand our view of disease and dive into this ancient and high-power system of healing.


Can't Attend Live? This live class (with the exception of question-and-answer) will be recorded and sent to all registrants the following day. Only I intend to be in the recording.


What to Have: Something to cover your eyes with (such as a bandana or blindfold). Headphones can also be helpful for deepening your experience in the guided exercise. Make sure that you attend this class in a comfortable space in which you will not be disturbed.

Time: September 9, 2023, 10am-12pm ET. 

Location: Live online over Zoom.

Cost: $30.

To Register: This class of mine will be hosted by the Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington, D.C. Visit their webpage for this class to register.







Garrett Jackson (or "Garrett") reserves the right to cancel this event at any time for any reason, without needing to specify said reason. Garrett reserves the right to cancel anyone's participation in this event at any time for any reason, without needing to specify said reason. This event is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical and psychological care.

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