Shamanic Healing

Address the spiritual aspect of illness with powerful and time-tested shamanic methods.

Shamanic healing has been a part of humanity for over 100,000 years for one simple reason: it works. 


It is a loving, beautiful, and profound way of addressing the spiritual aspect of physical, mental, and emotional illness. It can also be used to treat the spiritual aspect of life issues, such as relationship and financial challenges.

What to Expect in a Session:

To begin our work, you and I will briefly discuss the issue that you would like healing help with. If this is your first session with me, I will describe what shamanic healing looks like in practice. 


You will then be guided into a deep state of relaxation, with calming Tibetan bowls playing, while we create a sacred space in your environment for the healing work to take place in.

To the sound of shamanic drumming, I will then go to the helping spirit who does my healing work (Archangel Michael) and ask him what the spiritual diagnosis of your challenge is, and what needs to be done spiritually to remedy it. He may recommend classic shamanic methods, such as extraction, healing with spiritual light, and soul retrieval, and/or non-classic methods, such as sending Universal healing love to you through invocation.

Once Michael's work is complete, you will have 20 minutes to sink into feeling the healing energies brought to you filling every cell of your being while more meditative music plays. 

To wrap up your session, I will tell you what healing has occurred for you, how Michael recommends that you integrate the cure that he gave in order to create deep, long-term healing, and whether he recommends a follow-up session(s).

With your permission, I will contact you via email two weeks from the date of your session to check in on the effects of the work.


You are always welcome to email or call me with any questions or things to share that may arise before and after your session. 

Signing Up For Your First Session With Me:

Before we schedule your first shamanic healing session with me, please complete the questionnaire below and email it back to me here. I ask potential clients to fill this out in order to make sure that I can be of meaningful assistance to them.


Once I review your answers, I will reach out to you about your session. 

Sessions are currently offered remotely via phone, Zoom/video chat, or asynchronously through email. If done over phone or video chat, sessions are between 45-90 minutes in length. Time and again, my clients and I have seen that we do not have to be sitting in the same room in order for a healing session to be effective. We are working with a spirit not bound by time and space - Archangel Michael.

Each shamanic healing session is offered without a set fee, as I believe that money should never be a barrier to healing. The highest that I am willing to be paid for each session is $400, and the lowest is $1. Venmo is the best way to submit your donation (@GarrettPJackson), but payment can also be submitted by using the PayPal button below. Payment must be submitted within two weeks from the date of each session.



Fees paid are service-based; therefore, no refunds are obliged. Please note that shamanic healing treats the spiritual aspect of illness, and is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychological care. Please see a qualified health professional for medical and psychological services. Garrett Jackson reserves the right to deny service to anyone, at any time, for any reason, without obligation to provide a reason.