Shamanic Healing

Address the spiritual aspect of illness with time-tested and effective shamanic methods.

Shamanic healing is an art that dates back at least 100,000 years. It was, and is, practiced by peoples all across the world, and is a powerful way of addressing the spiritual aspect of illness. Shamanic healing has been present for hundreds of thousands of years due to the simple fact that, time and time again, shamanic healing creates deep and lasting change in a individuals life. 

What to Expect in a Session:

To begin our work, we will first review what you would like to have addressed during your session. If this is your first session with me, I will tell you more about what shamanic healing looks like in practice, and what to expect during the healing. You can then either sit or lie down on a comfortable surface, listening to relaxing music.

Once our initial conversation is over the healing portion of the session begins, and I will ask my spirit helpers what shamanic healing work they recommend be done on your behalf at this time. In my sessions, these helping spirits work to remove and transform unhelpful energies that may be with the client, and bring back beneficial energies to them. My job is to observe what healing takes place, and provide human help to the work as needed. You will simply relax as the helping spirits preform the healing. (You can learn more about the specific shamanic healing methods that I have been trained in and use by reading this article).

Once my helper's work is finished, you will have the opportunity to stay sitting or lying down for some time and absorb the healing energies flowing through you.

To wrap up your session, we will discuss what healing has occurred for you, as well as how you can integrate the healing that the spirits have given you in order to create lasting, long-term benefits. 

With your permission, I will contact you via email two weeks from the date of your shamanic healing to check in on how you have been doing since then, see if you have any questions, and if you are interested in another session. You are always welcome to email or call me with any questions that may arise before and after your session. 

Keeping Shamanic Healing in Perspective:

Shamanic healing is not a magic wand; in other words, you have to take responsibility for acting upon the cure that the helping spirits give you in order to create healing. Much like a course of psychotherapy, it often takes more than one session to see deep benefits.


Shamanic healing can have immediate dramatic results, and often has subtle effects that create impactful shifts with long-term healing work. Additionally, it should be used as a compliment to conventional medical and psychological care, not as an alternative to them.

How Sessions Are Offered:

Sessions are currently offered remotely via phone, Skype/Zoom/video chat, or email. If done over phone or video chat, sessions are between 45-90 minutes in length. Because we are working with the unlimited power of the Universe, which is not bound by time and space, you do not have to be sitting in the same room as me for a healing session.

Each shamanic healing session is offered without a set fee. The highest I am willing to be paid for a session is $400 USD, and the lowest is $1 USD. It does not matter to me what I am paid; you can pay whatever amount in that range feels best for you.

Signing Up For Your First Session With Me:

I accept or refer potential clients after reviewing their completed questionnaire, available below.


I ask that this questionnaire be completed so that I can better understand what your needs are, and assess if I am a good practitioner for you to work with, or if I feel that another practitioner may be better able to address your specific needs. Filling out this questionnaire is free. 

Please click the button below to download the shamanic healing questionnaire. Once you have completed your questionnaire, please email it to me by clicking here.

Unfamiliar with shamanism or shamanic healing?

Click here to read Sandra Ingerman's Abstract on Shamanism.



The above donation button can be used to contribute whatever you feel called to (between $1.00 - $400.00 USD, as noted above) for the session once it is over. Any amount is appreciated. Thank you!

Please note that shamanic healing treats the spiritual aspect of illness, and is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychological care. Please see a qualified health professional for medical and psychological services. Garrett Jackson reserves the right to deny service to anyone, at any time, for any reason, without obligation to provide a reason.