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Shamanic Healing

Address the spiritual aspects of illness with ancient and powerful shamanic methods.

Shamanic healing has been a part of humanity for over 100,000 years for one simple reason: it works. 


In my shamanic healing practice, Archangel Michael comes through to treat the spiritual aspects of physical, mental, and emotional illness. In addition to treating energetic imbalances, he can also work to bring healing to your romantic relationships, finances, business, and living space.

What to Expect in a Session:

We will begin by reviewing what you would like healing help with at this time. Once we are clear on your intention, I will lead you through a soothing guided meditation to create sacred space in your surroundings and relax your body and mind.

With sacred space set, I will talk with Michael about the spiritual diagnosis of your presenting issue(s), and how he can heal it. I will observe, and help as he requests, as he preforms the healing ceremony on you or your challenge. Some of the most common methods he uses to bring healing include:

Soul retrieval: Returning soul essence, lost due to trauma, in order to restore health, vitality, presentness, a sense of purpose, and healing gifts and strengths.

Power animal retrieval: Bringing back a helping spirit that can protect, guide, comfort, empower, uplift, and heal you.

Extraction: Removing misplaced energies that may be causing localized physical and emotional pain.

Depossession: Guiding unhelpful attached spirits that may be contributing to physical and psychological issues into a place of peace and healing.

Transfiguration: Radiating Divine light to stimulate your own self-healing power.

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When the ceremony is complete, you will continue to relax and absorb the healing energies that were returned to you. We will wrap up your session by having a brief discussion about what healing work was done, how you can integrate it to keep the healing going long-term, and whether follow-up sessions are necessary to further address your issue(s) (they often are, as shamanic healing is a powerful process, not a quick-fix). 

Beginning Our Healing Work:

July 26, 2023 update: My openings for healing sessions are back!

To sign up for your first session, please complete the brief, confidential intake form below and email it back to me here. I will email you shortly after reviewing your form.

All sessions are currently offered via phone, Zoom/video chat, or asynchronously through email. If done over phone or video chat, sessions are usually around 90 minutes to two hours in length. Because we are working with Archangel Michael, who is not bound by time and space, my clients and I have seen that we do not have to be in the same physical room in order for healing work to be effective

Each shamanic healing session is offered without a set fee. The highest I am willing to be paid for each session is $400, and the lowest is $1. Venmo is the best way to submit your payment (@GarrettPJackson), but you can also send it using the PayPal button below. Payment must be submitted within two weeks from the date of each session.

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