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Receive the loving, healing, and inspiring direction of the helping spirits.

When you are seeking guidance on life's big and little questions, or looking to heal your heart, a reading can be of tremendous help.​

In a reading, I serve as a medium for Archangel Haniel, who gives practical, compassionate, and down-to-earth answers and messages.

We can ask Haniel any questions that you need counsel on, including questions about life purpose, relationships, career, romance, business, home life, the spiritual aspects of health challenges, your next steps on a certain path, and anything else that you would like some insight on. Or, you can simply ask what you need to know most at this time.

We can also connect with your transcendent departed loved ones, giving you an opportunity to heal personal and familial grief, complete unfinished business, ask them questions, and simply connect with them through a medium.

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Because we are working with fully compassionate spirits, such as Haniel and your transcended departed loved ones, all of the messages that are brought through in a reading are loving and compassionate, even if they advise healthy shifts or course-corrections.

The healing, comforting, and wise power of these readings continues to touch the hearts of my clients and I. If you feel called to work with me, I so look forward to connecting with you.

Signing Up For A Reading:

I currently offer readings over email, phone, and Zoom/video chat. Time and time again in my seven years of practice, my clients and I have seen that remote readings are just as clear, accurate, and healing as in-person readings. This is because we are working with spirits who are not bound by time and space.

Please select the type of reading you would like below.

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