In a shamanic divination session, Garrett asks the spirits your questions on your behalf, and the messages given from the spirits are relayed to you over email - a helpful option for those who are interested in receiving divination work but cannot make it to an office. If you have questions about life purpose, finances, the spiritual aspects of your health, relationships, or more, a shamanic divination session is a practical, loving, and useful experience that can help you to receive the answers and insight you need. 


Once payment is complete, please email Garrett at with the question that you would like some insight and answers on. Garrett will journey and bring your question to the spirits for illumination. Within 3 - 5 days, Garrett will email you the contents of his journeys on your question and what advice and guidance the spirits have for you. 

One Question Shamanic Divination

  • Shamanic divination is service-based, and therefore no refunds will be issued.​ The information provided in shamanic divination is not meant to prescribe, diagnose, or treat any medical or psychological condition, nor is it a substitute to medical or psychological treatment. If you require such services, please contact a trained health professional. While I (Garrett Jackson) do my best to provide clear spiritual guidance as it comes to me, I do not guarantee the accuracy of the messages or information given. By purchasing a shamanic divination session with me, you (the client) agree that you will not hold myself or my associates responsible for any illness, accident, injury, loss of any kind, or other misfortunes that may occur in connection with your session. You are solely responsible for acting on the messages given in this shamanic divination in a responsible and ethical manner. ​​By purchasing shamanic divination from me, you (the client) acknowledge and agree that I (Garrett Jackson) reserve the right to deny service to anyone, at any time, for any reason, without obligation to provide a reason. For entertainment purposes only, in accordance with New York State law.