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Receive a three-question reading!

In your reading, we can ask Haniel any questions that you need counsel on, including questions about life purpose, relationships, career, romance, business, home life, the spiritual aspects of health challenges, your next steps on a certain path, and anything else that you would like some insight on.

We can also connect with your transcendent departed loved ones, giving you an opportunity to heal personal and familial grief, complete unfinished business, ask them questions, and simply connect with them through a medium.

Upon completion of your purchase, please email me the three questions that you would like to work with at Your reading will be returned to you within three days. I am so looking forward to working on your behalf!










Disclaimer: Readings are service-based, and therefore, no refunds will be issued.​ The information provided in any reading is not meant to prescribe, diagnose, or treat any medical or psychological condition, nor is it a substitute to medical or psychological treatment. If you require such services, please contact a trained health professional. While I (Garrett Jackson) do my best to provide clear spiritual guidance as it comes to me, I do not guarantee the accuracy of the messages or information given. By purchasing a reading with me, you (the client) agree that you will not hold myself or my associates responsible for any illness, accident, injury, loss of any kind, or other misfortunes that may occur in connection with your session. You are solely responsible for acting on the messages given in a reading in a responsible and ethical manner. ​​By purchasing a reading from me, you acknowledge and agree that I reserve the right to deny service to anyone, at any time, for any reason, without obligation to provide a reason.

3-Question Email Reading

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