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Below are the public online shamanic classes that Spirit and I are scheduled to teach together.


In-person classes in Bloomington, Indiana for the summer of 2023 and beyond are coming soon!

If you would like to be added to my wait list to privately (either in-person or online) take any of these classes, take a private class on a topic not listed below, or set up a private class for a group of two or more, please click here, or visit this website to find other credible shamanic teachers in your area or beyond (as many of us work remotely) who may be willing to teach private classes. 


June 7, 2023

Live online class

The Spirits of Nature: Natural Forces of Partnership, Wisdom, and Healing

Explore the power of nature beings and recieve healing from the Moon.

Click here for details and registration

Illness Through the Shaman's Eyes.png

September 9, 2023

Live online class

Illness Through the Shaman's Eyes: An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Shamanic Healing

Discover how shamans view and treat illness and experience a profound self-healing practice.

Click here for details and registration

Unnamed Oct. Class (3).png

October TBD, 2023

Live online class

To-be-announced class with Dr. Christopher Laursen

Expected topic: shamanic and historical perspectives on hauntings

Details and registration to come!

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