Introduction to Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying

A Beginner's Training

September 25-26, 2021


Shamanism is the world's oldest spiritual tradition, dating back well over 100,000 years. It is a way of connecting with our helping spirits, with nature, and with the physical and spiritual realities in a deep, personal, and meaningful manner. 


The shamanic journey is one of the classic ways that shamans and shamanic practitioners interact with the spiritual realms. The shaman enters an altered state of consciousness, commonly through repetitious percussion (such as drumming), and allows their consciousness to journey into the unseen realms. 


Through shamanic journeying, shamans and shamanic practitioners work directly with the helping spirits to divine helpful information, address the spiritual aspect of illness, preform healing ceremonies, and much more.

In shamanism, there are no gurus or outside authorities. You receive your own wisdom from the helping spirits. Shamanism is a path of direct revelation that allows us to explore the spirit worlds for ourselves. 

In this highly experiential online weekend training, developed by Sandra Ingerman and including additions from my helping spirits, you will be introduced to the path of shamanism, as well as to the practice of shamanic journeying. You will learn how you can partner with your helping spirits to bring valuable insight and spiritual healing to yourself, and if you are called, to others.

This course examines classic shamanic practices and understandings that were, and are, common to shamanic cultures worldwide, not any one specific culture's practices. Additionally, we will be using repetitious drumming and rattling, rather than vision plants, to enter into the state of consciousness needed to do shamanic work.

Over the weekend, you will discover:

- What shamanism is, what a shaman is, and the work that shamans do.

- The three worlds that shamans work in, and how to take shamanic journeys into these worlds.

- How to meet a personal power animal and teacher in human form in the spiritual realities that can offer you wisdom and healing.

- Meeting and cultivating relationships with the spirits of nature.​


- How to receive guidance for yourself and others from the helping spirits through shamanic divination.

- How to interpret the messages that you receive in your shamanic journeys.

- Illness, health, and healing from a shamanic perspective.

- How to insulate yourself energetically with the aid of your helping spirits.

- The shamanic healing method of power animal retrieval, and how to use it to bring healing to people in-person and long-distance. 

And much more.

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