Individual Training

Workshops on Your Schedule

As shamanism experiences much interest in Western culture, many people attend public shamanic workshops. These public trainings offer an incredible opportunity to create community and practice the course material with other students.


But some find that they want to study one-on-one with a teacher on their own time, or dive into topics that they may not find in public courses.

I am very pleased to be offering individual training. An individual training is a class in which you are the only student. The curriculum can be tailored to you and your interests, and guided by my helping spirits, who know exactly what topics to include in the workshop.

In individual training, you have the opportunity to:


- Study the subjects that call to you on your own schedule.

- Take as much time as you need to digest the information and practice the material before moving on to the next course session.

- Have course content specifically designed to fit your interests, needs, and the advice of my helping spirits.

I can teach a private workshop over a full weekend, a period of weeks, a few days - whatever format works best for you.


Each course combines both didactic and experiential learning. And although I aim to provide great individual attention in my public courses, in individual training, you will receive my full attention to your questions and comments as the only student in the course.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cost of public venue space, individual training is only offered online through Zoom at this time. Because we are working with the helping spirits (who are not bound by time and space), and because we are working in the spiritual realities, an online training is just as effective a shamanic education experience as meeting in-person.

Below is a list of the pre-created courses that I can teach individually. Click the course to learn more about its typical content. Course content can be changed based on your personal interest and needs. You can also request to be taught a course or class on something that I have not listed below.

Beginner's Training: 

Beginner's trainings are open to all - no prerequisites required.

Introduction to Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying

Medicine for the Earth

MFAOL (5).png

Advanced Training: 

Advanced trainings require you to have confidence in your shamanic journeying skills.

Death, Psychopomp, and Shamanism

Kinship with the Earth: Connecting with the Spirits of Nature




What to Have:

You will need a Zoom-compatible device that allows you to participate in the course with both audio and video. Please ensure that you have a quiet space in which you can participate in the class without distraction. I highly recommend bringing a pen/pencil, notebook, headphones, and something to cover your eyes with (such as a bandana or sleep mask). Optional items to bring include a drum and/or rattle. 


The cost of individual training varies depending on the workshop.

Introduction to Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying, Medicine for the Earth, and Death, Psychopomp, and Shamanism are each $300. Kinship with the Earth is $200.

A training that does not fit the general curriculum of one of the above courses will be priced by how much course content there is to deliver.

The price of a course is determined by the amount of course content, not by how long it takes to teach you the material. For example, taking one of the above workshops in two days will not cost more than taking the same course once a week over seven weeks.

How to Begin Your Individual Training:

If you feel called to study individually with me, please email me here or give me a call at (518) 310-6540. We will talk about what course you would like to take/what you would like to study and what pace works best for you. This call also helps you to get a sense of my energy and personality. This call is free!

Once we have your training focus and times set, I will send you the Zoom link that we will be using for our course, a student training agreement that I ask my students to sign, and a PayPal or Venmo invoice for the training. We will then begin your course at the agreed-upon start date!

If you feel called to individual training, I am so looking forward to beginning our amazing work together!