Illness from a Shamanic Perspective:

Causes, Cures, and Finding Training

Next Class: October 1, 2019

Time: 7:30pm EST

Shamanism is the world's first spiritual tradition, dating back at least 100,000 years. It was practiced by people all across the globe, and still is in many parts of the world today. The role of the shaman, or modern day shamanic practitioner, may include helping people heal and work with the spiritual aspects of illnesses or imbalances that they are experiencing.

But what are most commonly understood to be the causes, and cures, of illness from a shamanic perspective? And how can we find experienced teachers to train us in shamanic healing methods?

In this FREE hour-long webinar, shamanic teacher and practitioner Garrett Jackson will teach you about illness from a shamanic perspective. While there are a vast number of shamanic cultures around the world, this webinar addresses the causes and cures of illness that are discussed in every or almost every shamanic tradition around the world. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

- The definition of cross-cultural shamanism.

- How shamans and shamanic practitioners serve their communities.

- The classic causes of illness from a shamanic perspective.

- The healing methods that shamans and shamanic practitioners use to address spiritual illness.

- Why shamanic healing blends perfectly with traditional medical and psychological care. 

- How to find experienced and ethical teachers in your area who can train you in shamanic healing methods.

- The future of shamanic healing, as taught to us by our descendants.

- And more!

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions live on the class video meeting!

If you feel called to learn more about the path of shamanism and shamanic healing, you are invited to attend this FREE webinar (donations accepted below).

How to Register: To attend the next Illness from a Shamanic Perspective: Causes, Cures, and Finding Training webinar, please RSVP by sending me an email here. I will send you a link to join the online Zoom meeting where this class will be held.

You may also email me with questions about the content of the webinar, questions you would like addressed that you may not want to present during the live video, or registration questions.

I look forward to exploring the world of shamanic healing with you!

This webinar is FREE to attend, but donations are appreciated!


By attending and/or donating to this webinar, you strictly agree to the following:

1.) This webinar is also NOT, in any way, meant to substitute for traditional medical or psychological care, nor is it meant to prescribe, diagnose, or treat any illness. If you require medical or psychological services, seek out a qualified professional.  

2.) This webinar is NOT a training course in any shamanic healing method. In order to be trained in shamanic healing methods effectively and ethically, it is important to find an experienced teacher to work with - a topic we will discuss in this class. This seminar is simply meant to help you understand the classic causes and cures of illness from a shamanic perspective, and help guide you to a shamanic teacher in your area!

For entertainment purposes only, in accordance with New York State law. Garrett Jackson reserves the right to cancel this seminar, or the participation of anyone in this seminar, at any time for any reason. Garrett is not obligated to provide reason for the cancellation of this seminar or the participation of any individual. Donations are non-refundable.