Healing with Spiritual Light

An ancient spiritual healing practice that ignites your inner self-healing power.

For tens of thousands of years, shamans, mystics, and spiritual healers across the globe have shape-shifted into their inner Divine light in order to create healing for others. This practice is known as transfiguration, or healing with spiritual light.

Beyond our body and mind, we are a reflection of Source. Because Source is pure love, light, and unimaginably powerful healing energy, so, too, is the inner light within each of us.   

When someone transfigures and perceives your in your own light, your inner radiance begins to flow through you, too, activating your profound inner self-healing abilities. Many see  

What to Expect in a Session:

In a healing with spiritual light session, I transfigure into the light of Source and perceive you in your light while you relax to soothing meditative music. As I maintain a transfigured state, your inner light will begin to radiate through every cell of your being, creating deep peace in your body and mind, a feeling of wholeness, personal healing, and even a positive shift in the energy of the room that you tune into the session from. 

Additionally, you may see images or visions, feel the presence of helping spirits or departed loved ones, or receive loving guidance through your psychic senses. 


You will leave the session filled with your inner healing power, and most likely feel much more relaxed, serene, in touch with your true self, and able to more easily perceive the world through the loving and sacred eyes of Spirit.

If there is a physical or psychological issue that you would like to address with this work, one session might be enough to create noticeable change, or repeated sessions may be needed; there is no way to tell beforehand how many sessions a particular issue may need for healing. Transfiguration is a compliment to conventional medical and psychological care, not a substitute for them. There are no requirements for follow-up sessions; you can come back as little or as often as you like!

You are always welcome to email me with any questions or things to share before and after your session. 

Sessions are currently offered remotely via phone or Zoom/video chat. Because we are working with the unlimited power of the Universe, which is not bound by time and space, you do not have to be sitting in the same room as me for a healing session. 

Shortly after you sign up for a session, I will email you to schedule the session. 

15-Minute Session


30-Minute Session


60-Minute Session







Fees are service-based; therefore, no refunds are obliged. Please note that transfiguration treats the spiritual aspect of illness, and is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychological care. Please see a qualified health professional for medical and psychological services. Garrett Jackson reserves the right to deny service to anyone, at any time, for any reason, without obligation to provide a reason.