Healing and Transformation Through Spiritual Practice

A Course for Everyone

Starting Thursday, July 22nd, 2021


The times that we are living in call upon you to look within, heal, and own your power to transform the world by transforming yourself.

In this highly experiential seven-week online course, you will explore spiritual practices that can help you to heal and thrive. You will work on inner limitations that prevent you from being the best version of yourself, explore techniques that bring profound healing to yourself, others, and the planet, and gain tools that you can use daily to balance yourself and further your evolution of consciousness.

Developed by Sandra Ingerman and including additions from my helping spirits, this course teaches that, as you heal yourself, you transform the world. Therefore, the tools that you will learn in this training also give you a way of participating in environmental and collective healing on a fundamental energetic level. 

Additionally, this course is an immersive spiritual healing experience, aiding you in tapping into your own self-healing capabilities and encouraging working in partnership with the helping spirits to create restoration, connection, and deep transformation within yourself.

 This course blends classic shamanic teachings with other timeless wisdom found in spiritual traditions worldwide. We will be using repetitious percussion, rather than vision plants, to enter into the state of consciousness needed to do our shamanic journeywork.

Over these seven weeks, you will discover:​​

- How your energy impacts the web of life, and why it is important that you transform the energy that you send into the collective into that of love and light.

- Simple ways to move from a state of reactivity to mindful responsiveness.

- Practices that you can use to clear and protect yourself energetically.

- A journey to meet your Creator, learn more about how you and the world were created, and experience the love that went into your creation.

- A profound initiatory experience that can help you to experience unity to a greater degree and heal on a deep level.​ 

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Image by Florian Wurm

- The ancient art of transfiguration - shape-shifting into your own divine light in order to bring healing to yourself, others, and the planet.

- Working regularly to identify and release personal issues and hurts so that you can step into your life and spiritual work in a deeper and more authentic way.

- Connecting with helping ancestors and descendants to bring personal and collective healing.

- Meeting our spiritual allies in nature, such as the spirit of the land on which we live, the helping ancestral spirits of the land, and the elements.

And much more.

In addition to the above, you will connect with like-minded classmates, practice the material in a safe and loving online space, and receive access to a private Facebook group where you share questions and experiences and further connect with the circle. Several sessions will also open with transfiguration, bringing healing and restoration to everyone in the group.

Even if you cannot attend the live sessions, each class session will be recorded and sent to you after the live class concludes so that you can review the information at any time.

There are no prerequisites required for enrollment in this course; all are welcome! All experiential exercises will be facilitated through guided shamanic journeys. If you already know how to journey, or already have a practice that allows you to receive spiritual guidance, you will have the option to work with these yourself while I guide others through the exercises.

It is time for many of us to heal ourselves on deep levels, integrate powerful spiritual practices into our daily lives, and learn how we can evolve our consciousness in ways that bring great and lasting healing to ourselves, others, and the planet. If you feel this calling, I look forward to embarking on this adventure with you.


What to Have: An eye covering (such as a bandana or sleep mask), pen/pencil, and notebook. Optional items to bring include headphones and a drum and/or rattle. Please make sure that you tune in from a quiet space where you will not be disturbed so that you can fully engage with the material.

Time: Each Thursday night for seven weeks, starting July 22, 2021 and concluding after our session on September 2, 2021. Each session is from 7pm - 9pm EST/4pm - 6pm PST. 

Location: Online via Zoom video conferencing. You must be able to participate in the class sessions with both audio and video when appropriate.

Cost: $220. If you are interested in attending, but need a price adjustment, please email me so that we can figure out the best price for you. Inquire about price adjustment only if you really need it.

To Register: Registration payment can be made online through the Register Here button below. If you would rather pay over Venmo, please email me here. Shortly after you register, you will be emailed the information required to access the live training and Facebook group. Maximum number of students is 20 - there are 15 spaces left. Enrollment deadline is July 21, 2021 at 11:59pm EST.

Enrollment for this class is now closed. Thank you for your interest!

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This training is service-based; therefore, no refunds are obliged, except as noted below. Garrett Jackson reserves the right to cancel this training at any time for any reason, without needing to specify said reason. If a training is cancelled, all fees paid in advance will be refunded in full. Garrett Jackson reserves the right to cancel anyone's participation in this training at any time for any reason, without needing to specify said reason. If an individual's participation is cancelled by Garrett, a full refund will be issued. This course is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical and psychological care.