Basics of Divination

3-Week Online Course

Begins December X, 2020

Online via Zoom

Begin to understand your psychic nature and how you can bring spiritual guidance to yourself and others.

We all have the ability to communicate with the helping and compassionate spirits. In fact, we may already be following intuitive hunches or gleaning insight from signs that come to us. The art of receiving guidance for ourselves and others from the spiritual realms is known as divination.

In this 3-week online course, held over Zoom video conferencing, you will begin to explore divination work. You will have the opportunity to ask questions in the class, discuss your work with the practices that will be taught, and learn tools that you can integrate into your personal and professional lives.

You will also be led in guided meditations to help you to receive personal tools and information from the helping spirits.

What Will You Learn In These 3 Weeks?

Week 1: You will be introduced to your fellow classmates, and learn about your psychic senses. You will also be introduced to different types of helping spirits that can provide you and your clients with guidance and wisdom. You will experience a guided meditation to meet a helping spirit who will be your divination helper.

Week 2: You will explore different methods of divination, such as automatic writing, candle gazing, being in silence, divination walks, using a bowl of crystals, and asking for omens. You will also learn the importance that a sacred state of consciousness has in receiving clear information from the spiritual realms, and how to differentiate between the human mind and spiritual guidance.

Week 3: In our final week, you will understanding how to work with common questions that you or others may have, such as questions that focus on relationships, health, career, and more. You will also gain crucial knowledge of how to practice divination ethically.

Please note that this class is for those who are just starting to explore divination work. It is not for those who already have much experience doing divination work, nor is it for those who are only looking for a reading. If you are looking for a reading, you can see my reading options here.

By participating in this short course, you will be taught several ways to connect with the wisdom of the Universe, understand how the helping spirits speak to you, and be grounded in fundamental ethics. 


You will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, practice what you learn, and heal within a virtual sacred space. Each session will be recorded so that you can work with the practices if you cannot make the live sessions.

No prior experience is required for attendance.

Please bring an eye covering (such as a bandana or sleep mask), a pen/pencil, and notebook to each course session. Make sure that you attend the sessions in a space in which you will not be interrupted. Optional items to bring include a drum and rattle.

Course Dates: ?

Cost: $125 for the full program.

To Register: Registration payment for this gathering can be made through the Register Here button below. Upon completion of your registration, you will soon be emailed the Zoom information and password needed to access the event. Maximum number of participants is 20.

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Garrett Jackson reserves the change the date of any course meetings. If a date is changed, all participants will be promptly notified, and a new date will be found. Garrett Jackson reserves the right to cancel this course, or any session of this course, at any time for any reason, without needing to specify said reason. If the entire course is cancelled, all fees paid in advance will be refunded in full. Garrett Jackson reserves the right to cancel anyone's participation in this course or any session of this course at any time for any reason, without needing to specify said reason. If an individual's participation is cancelled, the fees paid in advance will be refunded in full.